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Studio Instruction

At my studio in Asheville, NC, I offer a coherent curriculum from beginner to master and instructor. Though arrangements can be made to accommodate up to two students who routinely work together, classes are generally one-on-one.

Here are a few class guidelines for determining your skill level:

Beginner An excellent place to start if you have little or no experience lampworking. Entry level classes are general surveys with information on everything from shop set-up and safety to basic skill development. We will examine hard and soft glasses and focus on developing fundamental skills. Having eliminated bad habits from the beginning, students will leave with the information necessary to set up their own studio and begin working on their own.

Intermediate Perhaps you’ve done a little lampworking on your own, maybe even taken a class in the past. You’re curious enough to want to pursue glass a little more seriously but not sure exactly how to go about it, or even what the next step is. This class will further define your skill range, and broaden your personal vocabulary with the glass. We introduce the physical concepts of heat and thermal dynamics as well as begin exercises designed to strengthen the student’s observational and aesthetic skills.

Advanced By this time you’ve either progressed through classes here, or you’ve been lampworking somewhere around two years. Perhaps you are a little tired of marbles, beads, or insideoutflippittyflopswitchbackwithareverseaxistwistymadoodlewigwagvortexspiraloverlays. This class is for you. You’ve been wanting to make goblets and perhaps perfume bottles, or hollow beads, and learn a little more about the technical whys and wherefores. A thorough understanding of heat comes into play as we begin to see the glass more conceptually. Here we begin to study the blown form and its own set of theories and techniques. Designed for those who want to explore some of lampworking’s finer points or simply want to further develop and refine their skills.

Master Master level classes are offered only by application, invitation, or having completed all previous level classes. Now we’re talking a serious commitment to the material. You can sculpt and control the vessel now what do you do? Make it bigger! That’s right; here we learn how to increase scale. From design to production we focus on how to work on a large scale.

Instructor Instructor classes focus on individual skills, techniques, or phenomenon, and how to relay their importance effectively. More of a philosophical approach, instructor classes prepare the advanced or master level student for an active role as a lampworking instructor. Effective class management will be emphasized, as well
as communication about the material

A typical class schedule would be: 8-9am meet with student to determine specific direction. 9-11am instructor demo. 11am-12pm student practice. 12-1pm lunch. 1-3pm instructor demonstration. 3-5pm student practice. Arrangements can be made for additional evening practice time with instructor available for questions from 7pm-12am. Multiple/consecutive day’s availability subject to prior scheduling. All materials are provided. Students are responsible for didymium glasses.

For questions or to schedule a class, email me:

Class rate is $450 day 8am-12pm/1-5pm

Evening practice time 7pm-12am with instructor available for questions: $45hr.